Rio 2016 Olympics: Week 1 Recap, and On to the End of the Olympics

Week 1 of the Rio 2016 Olympics has been quite special, with Michael Phelps pushing himself to the limits to win 4 Gold Medals (already), the US Women’s Gymnastics Team also played way over their standards, by taking Gold in the team and individual events. However, there have been many surprises throughout the tournament, with no competition in tennis, USA Men’s Basketball surviving Australia, Serbia, and France, and the US Women’s Soccer Team falling to Sweden in the Quarterfinals. In Week 2, the US Women’s Beach Volleyball team fell to Brazil in straight sets, and Usain Bolt has retained the title as ‘The Fastest Man on Earth’. All in all, here is what I thought of Week 1, and what to expect towards the end of the Olympics.

Michael Phelps is the Greatest Athlete of All-Time

I know that the winner of the decathlon (10 sports by one player) is supposed to be crowned the title of ‘World’s Greatest Athlete’, but Michael Phelps is just too good. Sure, you could argue NBA uber-mega star LeBron James, or Michael Jordan, or decathlon champion Ashton Eaton, or even NFL megastar Odell Beckham Jr., but Phelps has too many medals, wins, and records to have any other player be in the conversation.

Katie Ledecky and USA Will Take Over Women’s Swimming

Ledecky took home 4 Golds and 1 Silver Medal, and the rest of the USA Women’s Swimming Team have taken over, and we should see them taking home many Golds in the future Olympics’.

The USA Women’s Gymnastics Team Was the Greatest EVER

Gymnasts Simone Biles and Aly Raisman were simply outstanding, and may be the best gymnasts on the planet, and the rest of the roster, while not the greatest in the individual events, stepped up in the Team Finals, as the Final Five took home 9 Golds, an Olympic record.

No One Will Ever Be Faster Than Usain Bolt

History speaks for itself.

USA Men’s Basketball Will Still Get the Gold

As much as I am concerned about the performance so far of the United States, I don’t see a way they will not be able to win the Gold medal. It is truly shocking how much they have played under expectations. Their performance against Argentina, who gave them a scare in the first 6 minutes of the game. They will need more defense against Spain in the semifinals, but it was very good against Argentina. They should end up playing Australia in the final, as Serbia won’t be a problem for the Aussies, and they will improve from the first match (USA won 98-88 after trailing nearly the entire game), and bring home the Gold.

Ashton Eaton Will Win the Decathlon Gold

Eaton currently has a 103-point lead in the decathlon, and he is trying to win his 2nd Gold in the Decathlon, but I think that there isn’t any competition this year for him to not be able to win Gold.

USA Women’s Basketball Will Get the Gold Easily

They have no competition, simply put.

The Germany vs. Brazil Men’s Soccer Rematch Will Be LIT!

In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Germany and Brazil played each other in the semifinal, and everyone was getting ready to see Brazil return to their glory days by getting to the World Cup Final. Germany, instead, crashed the party with a 7-1 drubbing of the Brazilians, and since then, Brazil has been waiting for this rematch. On Saturday, the biggest, most anticipated rematch in the history of soccer, and quite possibly the history of sports, will come to Brazil at the Olympics. Brazil and Germany both started their Olympic campaigns very slowly. Brazil failed to score a goal in their first 2 games, as they ended as scoreless draws, and Germany ended with a 2-2 draw with Mexico, and a 3-3 draw with South Korea. Since then, both teams have come out with a sense of urgency. Germany finished their group play with a 10-0 victory, then won their quarterfinal 4-0 vs Portugal, and won their semifinal 2-0 vs Nigeria. Brazil won their final group play game with a 4-0 victory over Denmark, had a 2-0 victory in the quarters against Colombia, and then the country of Brazil was happier than ever with a 6-0 win in their semifinal. All in all, it has been the play of Brazilian Captain Neymar Jr., who has 4 goals in the tournament, and Goalkeeper Weverton, who hasn’t given up a goal in the tournament, who have led Brazil into the tournament. Germany sports a much different, younger, and less intimidating team than the one in 2014, with younger strikers in Serge Gnabry, Davie Selker, and Lars Bender now taking the lead of the team. In the end, Brazil will take the Gold home for the first time in their coveted soccer history.


My Super Bowl Predictions

The Super Bowl, the most exciting game of the year, is almost here. The Final Four face off this weekend. The winners will go to the Super Bowl, and the losing teams will go home. Here are the various Super Bowl matchups we may see.

I. San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens 

If this were to happen, it would be the perfect way to see if Kaepernick keeps his starting job, or if 8-year veteran QB Alex Smith will regain the starting job. If the Ravens win, then Ray Lewis will end his Hall Of Fame career victorious, putting Alex Smith back in uniform. If the 49ers win, it will state that Alex Smith has lost his job for good, and the 49ers might put him on the trading block, though not many teams will be interested in getting him. In this situation, the Ravens win, Ray Lewis retires as one of the best players in NFL history. Even though Alex Smith will get his job back, it’ll still cap off a remarkable season by Colin Kaepernick. The Ravens will shut down Kaepernick just like the were able to shut down Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, and also with Tom Brady. Ravens will finish Ray Lewis’s career with a win 27-20.

II. San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots

The 49ers are lead by a quarterback by the name of Colin Kaepernick, who many thought was not elite, though after his huge performance vs. Green Bay, he has turned into one of the most elite quarterbacks in the league. When they faced the Patriots, Colin Kaepernick led the 49ers to a 41-34 win in Foxboro. In this situation, I’d say that the 49ers win 38-35.

III. Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

This will be a great matchup to watch because both of these QBs love it when they have to lead their football team down the field for a victory. In this situation, Matt Ryan and the Falcons will finally get their wish, a Super Bowl victory. Falcons will win 30-16.

IV. Atlanta Falcons vs. Baltimore Ravens

This will be a match that will be hard for Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, though this will be a defensive battle all the way. Ravens will 14-7.

Which matchup would you like to see? Leave a comment below?

NBA Biggest Season Surprises After Week 1 Of The 2012-13 Season

The NBA season has started with many surprises. Here are the top 5 surprises for the season.

#1: James Harden to Rockets

James Harden, the reigning sixth man of the year, was traded from the OKC Thunder to the Houston Rockets late night on Oct. 27, 2012. It just shows the league how big and small certain markets in the league are. It shows us how OKC is spending all of its money to give away some of its best players over the past few years.

#2: Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard was drafted as the 6th overall pick by the Portland Trail Blazers out of Weber State University (located in Utah). Lillard has started off with a very historic start. He became the 1st rookie point guard to average 20 points and 8 assists (21.3 points per game, 9 assists per game). On the rookie ladder, Lillard is ranked as the number one choice for Rookie of the Year. There certainly is history still in front, though Damian Lillard has the guts to get it done.

#3: Anthony Davis Injury

Is the unibrow okay? Well, ask Anthony Davis. Davis was hit by teammate Austin Rivers after going up for the rebound. He didn’t play vs. Bulls. If he returns healthy, he could top Lillard on the rookie ladder. We shall wait…and see…

#4: NY Knicks Use 19 3s To Top MIami Heat

The NY Knicks were coming into their season opener as one of the worst 3-point-shooting teams, though they changed that on Friday night (Nov. 2nd, 2012). ‘Melo had 30 points and connected on 4 3s in a 104-84 Knicks win.

#5: Ray Allen’s 4-point-play

A few nights ago (Nov. 3, 2012), the Heat overcame a 15-point deficit thanks to Allen’s 3. Allen said that “he found the curtain and absorbed the contact”. Allen had 23 points and 9 assists off the bench. This boost will certainly help the Miami Heat as they try to repeat for the title.